Living Sculpture of a Resilient Community

Permaculture around the World

István Márkuly & Adam Afoullauss

Presentation of an international Journey

Presentation of teaching and consulting about permaculture. Including Hungary, Kenya, Germany, France, Australia, Middle East, Spain, Ireland and Ethiopia, experiencing diverse climatic types like humid tropical to cool climates, subtropical, temperate, arid, humid cool to cold and dryland.

Permaculture Design Exercise

This workshop aims to bring the potential energy of community gatherings through the ethics and practical tenets of permaculture to the forefront of the transformational festival.

Thermo-compost building workshop

This practical workshop helps you to understand soil biology and the cycle of life trough creating and maintaining the soil health as the basis of sustainable living.


István and Adam - International Permaculture Mainframe Designers and Educators from Ireland - will be hosting a Permaculture Design Certificate Course in Hungary right before Ozora Festival.

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