An Gáirdín

An Gáirdín

An Gáirdín is an ecological and educational center for sustainability whose main focus is to learn how to live again through “making again a garden of this place”. Being a diverse, large and organic garden, the principles of permaculture were introduced to its management last year (2017); everything converges towards An Gáirdín to grow into a permaculture demonstration site.

A 10×20m growing area is already in place. As the land is extremely wet, it would benefit from being redesigned in a way that would maximize the drainage.

Permaculture Design plan

Vegetable area

Two poly tunnels beside each other positioned north-east to south-west Indoor growing bed is productive, one has raised beds perfectly functioning with wood chip mulch pathway, the tunnel surrounded by wildflower meadow The other tunnel has issues for soil creation & water management

Large growing outside area

Standard line double rich growing bed have water management problem in the east corner filling up.

All year around growing management using line rotating system.

Sheltered from the north-west side artistic willow living fence /hedge surrounding path edges


Indoor area needs water irrigation drip line system, with the timer.

One of the tunnels need to be rebuilt and the growing bed recommending contour line structure wood chip pathway & companion planting using all year-round ground cover green manure system, till the biology stabilizes.

The second tunnel can be planted same species with different techniques & strategies for educational purposes. Use 4-6 inches’ compost mulch.

Outside growing bed needed to be reset in the way where water can be used for multiple functions.

The work could be done by hands on workshops.

Time investment to be beneficial for the long-term restoration in 1-3 years’ biology improving after. All of the growing bed is basic one non-dig system health & production be beneficial from the first year.

An Gáirdín – Organic Garden & Ecology Centre

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