Permaculture Design Certificate Course July 2018

Gyüttment Permaculture Design Certificate Course July 2018 Hungary

PDC ~ Permaculture Design Certificate

The 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course allows you to be the change you want to see in the world. Based on Bill Mollison’s Permaculture Designers’ Manual, it provides skills and solid knowledge in Permaculture design, as a science, that can create abundant ecosystems sustainability in the garden, on a small farm or on a larger broad acre farm or landscape.

Adam Afoullouss

Permaculture Consultant – Mainframe Designer – Teacher – Community Developer
Adam grew up in Ireland, but his roots lie also in Morocco, in his early days he completed an apprenticeship as a mechanic but later found his passion for Permaculture. Experiences and courses: organic vegetable and fruit production in Spain; two-year degree in Sustainable Horticulture and Permaculture in Ireland; valuable practical experience in different farming practices in Germany.
Joined the Internship Team member at Permaculture Research Institute under the management of Geoff and Nadia Lawton; gained International Management Certificate, experience at Zaytuna farm and working together with Geoff Lawton on consultancies, designs, and implementation projects; Paul Taylor, Graham Bell and David Spicer etc. Adam is now a PRI accredited Consultant, Designer, and Teacher.

Márkuly István

Permaculture Mainframe Designer – Consultant – Teacher – Community Developer
As a Local Community Developer working on establishing and growing the permaculture network in West Cork, Ireland and initiating Permaculture waves across the country. His experience is expanding and diversifying through international participation and earthwork management from wetland to dry land.
István have a certificate of Sustainable Horticulture and Permaculture at Kinsale College and also completed numerous permaculture training programmes, also learning from those who are leading the way in their fields, such as Warren Brush, Paul Taylor, and Geoff Lawton. He is a co-founder of Earth Environmental Education, providing easy understanding through the principles of permaculture to help motivate and inspire others to naturally include the principles of Permaculture into their lives

Everything You Get

Access to two weeks (72 hours) of shared education sessions with an open weekend based on the “Permaculture Designers’ Manual” by Bill Mollison, the founder of permaculture with Adam Afoullouss, István Márkuly and other experienced people and professionals.
The event will be held both in English and Hungarian (with translation).

  • Permaculture Design Certificate
  • Introduction to the Global Permaculture Community Network
  • Permaculture Resources Student Pack (audio-visual and documents) which supports your further education
  • Camping accommodation – private rooms are also available in the area (you should arrange it yourself but we can help with contacts to guest houses)
  • Wholesome meal 3 times a day and all day coffee/tea/biscuits from local ingredients
  • 30% discount for the following three courses of PRI
  • Free access to 3 weekends’ practical workshops
  • Healing ceremonies, morning yoga and evening meditation
  • and much more goodness…


Supported by Gyüttment Fesztivál and Permaculture Resources Ireland:

  1. 350 € – early bird until 16th June
  2. 500 € – after 16th June

If you cannot afford these prices but you really want to take this course, fill out this Grant Application form and we will try to find a solution for you. There are three options: full grant, partial grant or paying with produce (food). Please keep yourself to the third ethic of permaculture: Fair Share, and only apply for the minimum financial support you need, thus allowing more people to receive a grant.


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