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An Gairdin

An Gáirdín is an ecological and educational center for sustainability whose main focus is to learn how to live again through “making again a garden of this place”. Being a diverse, large and organic garden, the principles of permaculture were introduced to its management last year (2017); everything converges towards An Gáirdín to grow into a permaculture demonstration site.

The An Gáirdín Permagarden Workshop held on May 14. was a successful outdoor practice of reconstructing the growing area and working with the landscape profile.

Through a landscaping practice based on the natural patterns of water flows, we will focus our interest on structures such as swales and raised beds; transforming the very structure of the land allows us to take advantage of the abundance of water to serve the purpose of bringing more fertility to the garden.

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workshop pictures

The work could be done by hands on workshops.

István Márkuly PRI Workshop an Gairdin

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