Ogham Forest Foundation

Mitigating the effects of climate change through ecosystem restoration in line with ancient Irish wisdom.

Each of us is contributing to climate change with day-by-day pollution, thus generating a “carbon footprint”, which is a measurment of how much CO2 a person emitted in a certain period of time. This footprint ca be calculated by the Carbon Calculator developed by the .

Community Cooperation

Welcome to our own growing web of permaculturists, whether you are a practitioner, teacher, consultant, aid worker, project leader or activist! This site intends to keep you updated about ongoing projects and others’ activities, allowing you to run your own permaculture profile where you can list your activities in the topics by location and type, thereby allowing us to search and share our resources and information with each other. In this way, we can create, maintain and enjoy a supportive network! It is free to join.

Soil biology course

Two day 

Day 1

Make your own Bio-Fertilizers and soil amendments

Day 2

Soil Pro-biotic

90 minutes (white board presentation)

Holistic farm management system

making of special ‘compost tea’ and special compost


Arthur Project

Initiated by Hervé Coves and a few contributors in the French region of Corrèze, ARTHUR project aims to encourage humans to observe their surroundings as well as to connect different perceptions of a place to each other, so that links between different factors that do not seem to be related can be found.

Clonakilty Community Garden

The  in West Cork, was initiated by the Lions Club, residents of the direct provision center and Clonakilty Friends of Asylum Seekers. The garden has grown steadily over the years, thanks to support from a myriad other local community groups.

“We are working together to grow food and promote community integration and social inclusion.” (Olive Walsh)

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